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1/56 28mm model kit

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This 1/56 (28mm) resin kit can build one Renault R35 light tank, with two turrets and two guns – to build an early type and a late type R35.

Two guns are interchangeable between two turrets. Though references show that a late type turret can also be fitted with a short-barrel SA18 gun (e.g. the model used by Italians), while there is no evidence that an early type turret was fitted with a long-barrel SA38 gun.

R35 light tank was used by many countries, including France, Poland, Romania, Germany and Italy before and during WWII.

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France, Germany, Italy, Poland


  1. Phillip Corrie (verified owner)

    The models is very clean , full of detail, and very easy to assemble. During assembly, I found no warping, mold marks, or air bubbles in any of the kit. There was a very small amount of flash on the tracks, but nothing else. Finely produced kit.

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